Meet Amy and Pamela

We recently worked on two separate brand personas in order to develop a better understanding of our potential customers and in turn, better cater to their needs:

Our elder millennial Pamela is a 27 year old female, during the day she works full time at a local primary school and in the evening she enjoys writing articles for her online fashion and beauty blog. Pamela is a vibrant individual, she loves spending time with her family and friends and prefers to spend her extra funds on social events rather than on overpriced beauty products.  Aside from educating the youth, Pamela also has a penchant for beauty and fashion (after all, she writes about it!) and wants to engage in all the latest beauty trends but she still wants to have that surplus at the end of the month for dinner with friends. Pamela uses “Duped” an iPhone app that allows her to find near to exact matches to some of the higher end lipsticks and beauty products she wants at a more reasonable price.

Our younger millennial, 21 year old Amy is a full time beauty student who has a passion for make-up and creativity. Amy works part time in a pharmacy .She has little disposable income after paying for her transport, college fees and other expenditures. Like Pamela, Amy wants to engage in all the latest beauty trends but doesn’t want to overpay for the privilege. Amy has also started a freelance make-up business, this involves buying products for her clients and she is finding it quite costly to acquire the different shades and formulas of makeup required to suit her clients skin tones and textures. Amy wishes she could find an alternative to buying high end make up products that can still deliver flawless results. “Duped” allows Amy to find cheaper alternatives to higher end products providing a value which is transferred directly onto her customers via makeup session pricing discounts.

Although both individuals admittedly come from different demographic backgrounds their needs meaningfully overlap and both parties can be identified as social influences within their communal groups.

Our nearest competitor “Drugstore Dupes” exhibited an unattractive layout and a lack of content making it a poor competitor for social pinning app’s like Pinterest. We hope to differentiate our app by its ease of use, appealing interface and relevant up to date content which will be revised consistently to keep users interested.  It is our hope that “Duped” resonates with our audience as distinctive, desirable and superior and although we are primarily launching this product into the ROI app store, we expect its design to be of a standard that could potentially attract a UK audience in the future.


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