Final Design & Pricing Decisions

Based on our previously decided target audience and how they use their devices, we decided the best course of action was to optimise our app for integration into both the Apple and Google Play store. This decision came with its own set of considerations, both operating systems hold their own unique requirements which our developers would have to take into consideration even though explicitly, many developer requirements did overlap as you can see in the links attached below.

Apple seem particularly strict on the kind of app’s they allow into their store where as by comparison, Google seem discernibly more flexible where app functionality and design are concerned. From a business perspective, assuming that we at “Duped” are fundamentally a small start-up, hiring a development specialist to adhere to Apple’s precise requirements not to mention the ability to keep up with their continuous IOS upgrades and our own intended prototype and design could be costly for such a small business.

It’s at this point where we really started to consider how our service was going to generate revenue to cover these costs. After all, if our costs aren’t covered we can’t realistically deliver the level of service and innovation our customers deserve. It’s worth noting here briefly that as a business we did take into account the fact that most start-ups don’t generate serious profit within their first quarter, promotion and recognition is key for us here as opposed to profitability but never the less, it’s a significant factor that needs to be addressed.

We set four objectives overall for our first quarter, two of which related directly to revenue generation having resolved that revenue was going to be generated in two ways;

In-App Advertising: Selling advertising space to companies sharing our user demographic on a CPM basis.

In-App Purchases/Upgrades: Users can upgrade to premium membership which allows them to access additional in-app features such as an improved user profile with item save features.


  1. To generate €1,137.50 in revenue from paid advertising in the first quarter
  2. To achieve €2921 in revenue from the in­app purchases in the first quarter
  3. To create alliances with two popular drugstore brands and one Irish blogger with 10 thousands followers
  4. To reach 3180 downloads within the first quarter

In order to measure the performance of our revenue targets, fortnightly revenue targets were devised in order to track our progress in a realistic and logical manner.

Where in-app advertising was concerned we opted to rent out space (banner ad’s etc.) to 25 advertisers at a rate of €0.50 cost per thousand impressions generating a total of €1,137.50 by end of quarter July 1st.

For In-App purchases we set an overall goal of €2,921.00 by end of quarter July 1st.

Revenue and downloads can be expected to dip and rise naturally in correspondence to promotional/PR events associated with Duped so we took that into consideration when spreading out our targets.


For me personally, the most exciting part of the progress was getting to design a prototype for our app. I thoroughly enjoyed creatively engaging with my team to come up with our final blueprint for manufacture.

Bare in mind none of us are graphic designers by any stretch, never the less I’m so pleased with our prototype!


Overall, I have been fortunate in having encountered nothing but positive experiences whilst working with my selected team. I can say wholeheartedly and candidly that as a group I believe we collaborate quite well together, we tried to work holistically rather than completing sets of tasks individually and I feel that this approach really contributed to the creative requirements of the project.


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